dinsdag 8 juli 2014

Free Vine Followers

Free Vine Followers
How can I get Free Vine Followers?
How can I get Free Vine Followers in 2015?
That's probably the question you have in mind right now.
Read the article below to get the answer to this question!

OLD *UPDATE 12-12-2014*
The latest Facebook update ruined this method for the countries 
USA, Germany and Great-Britain. I am really sorry for the inconvenience!!

NEW   *UPDATE 1-5-2015*

Do you really think that guys like Jerome Jarre, the creator of the video above, got so many followers just because his videos are funny? I've been following this guy since he had only 150 followers, and I can tell you that the answer is NO. Yes, his videos might be funny, but maybe your videos are even better or funnier. The difference is that he became famous, and you didn't. But why did he get noticed instead of you? It's because he got a kickstart from our lovely friend Facebook! The method he used is an old but not well known method, which people also use a lot to get youtube subscribers with.

I am going to share this method with you today for a total cost of $0.00
Yes you heard it, it's completely free!
Why am I sharing it for free? Because I think that everyone should get a chance to become famous or just get more followers, and it's very unfair if some people can manage to do that with this method, while others don't even know about it!

You can stop using this method anytime you want. You can stop for example at 10000 followers, or 20000 followers, or maybe just 500 to impress your friends :-)

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